keshia heath

The Catastrophe of Comparison

keshia heath
The Catastrophe of Comparison

 “Comparison is Catastrophic to the Kingdom.”
This was a phrase the Lord spoke to me about three years ago.

Since then, this is something that I live by, have had to remind myself of, and apply to my life more times than I’d like to admit.

I wanted to write on this because I know that I am not alone when I say, I have a hard time with this “C” word that is Comparison.

I wish I could sit here and blame it on the society that we live in, on social media, on television, magazines, etc.  Even though I do know that those may magnify the issue I do not believe that they are the root of it all. 

This is a heart issue. 

Just recently I began to realize the core of where comparison comes from in my life.  For me, it was the belief that I am not enough.

Don’t get me wrong I have amazing parents, family, and friends that always have and still do encourage me, lift me up, speak life to me, and so much more.  This is a lie that the enemy began putting in my head that eventually I began believing in my heart. 

Lies like I’m not pretty enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m not anointed enough, I’m not talented enough, and well you get the idea.  Because of this, I was constantly comparing myself to family, friends, and worst of all strangers that I know absolutely nothing about.   

I began to see my self-esteem, my self-worth, my identity decreasing and most devastatingly, losing myself and all that God has created me to be. 

You lose identity in comparison.  You begin to strive to be more like that, look like that, talk like that, that you eventually lose sight of who YOU are, how amazing YOU are, and how equipped YOU truly are.

This is exactly where the enemy wants us, he doesn’t want us to tap into who God says we are, because he knows when we do that, we become unstoppable for the Kingdom.

Comparison ruins relationships.  Like I stated earlier I used to be horrible at comparing myself to family and friends.  I’m not going to lie I have the most beautiful, incredible, talented family and friends that anybody could have.  Because of that however, I was in a constant battle of comparison.  This then leads to a point of jealousy, envy, and coveting which then leads to a path of ruin and loneliness.  You become angry at them because of how well they are doing, or the attention that they are receiving, and trust me, they can feel the resentment that you start to have towards them.  Eventually, your friendship, relationships become almost obsolete. 

We are to rejoice with others when they have victory, not get upset and think negatively of them and their motives.  (Romans 12:15-16)

Lastly, Comparison harms your witness, and weakens your relationship with God. When you live your life in comparison to everyone else, you are no longer looking to God for worth, you are no longer seeking Him to be more like Him, you are trying to be a duplicate of someone else He designed, and honestly when it comes down to it, no one wants a duplicate they want the original.  You begin to block His voice from your life, because when He tries to speak to you about you and where He has you and what He has for you, you don't want to hear, you want it to look like what someone else has.  You see, you gradually are pulling yourself away from Him without even realizing it.  Let's be honest, you can't be a good witness to others in your life when you yourself are far from God, and not confident in who you are.  It's really hard to minister to someone when you are unsure, when you are upset, when you are not being you and constantly trying to be someone else.  

The last thing this world needs is counterfeit, and I promise you they can spot it a million miles away.  

Please, don't let comparison lead you to a catastrophic life.  Be who YOU are.  That is what God wants for you, to love the one that He made you to be.  

My friend said this to me today and I absolutely love it, "No one is BETTER than you, we are just all DIFFERENT from one another."  That's what makes this life so beautiful.  How boring would it be if we were all the exact same? No one would want to live in a world like that.

I don’t know where you are at in your life, I don’t know if you have struggled with comparison or still do.  I want to encourage you today to please stop looking at others and begin to look at yourself. Seek God to determine your worth, not this world.

I promise when you walk this life being YOU, and live it fully after God, the kingdom of darkness has no chance.

..."But when they measure themselves by one another and compare themselves with one another, they are without understanding."
-2 Corinthians 10:12